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No Smoking Day
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first beer today

Hi fellow quitters

hope you r all well and still quit ,i had my first pint of beer today since i quit only one mind baby steps, did not fancy a smoke with it next time i will have 2 pints and so on until i feel i am in full control when drinking then i am going to get hammered .

i want to do all the things i used to do when i was a smoker now i am a ex smoker i think then i will fully accept quitting smoking


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Hey Nic... I had a Pimms at home this evening too... I don't really drink as a rule, but it was lovely and there was no cravings during or after.... am going to the pub tomorrow, so lets see how I fair there.

well done btw :D


Well done you..It feels good to get back to normality. The first beer I had after quitting, I hated. Couldn't stand the taste and seriously thought about starting smoking again. Only cos I thought I'd be so boring, not smoking or drinking ever again. BUT...I persevered and practised a lot :D:D, and now I like lager again (thank god)...have never liked wine or spirits.

We all need to still enjoy life, and if that means going out and having a few sherberts, then why shouldn't we enjoy them without smoking.

I have been out tonight for a few bevvies to celebrate being 2 months quit. it can be done :)

Oops....DH has just walked past and said I need to go to popcorn rehab (2nd packet in half hour :eek:)


Well done Nic,

I am not a big drinker, but i know that first beer feeling is blooming scarey lol

Congrats on getting past that stage and here's to the next two pints ;)

snowie xx


good for you!! :) i had my first drink also last nite and it was ok. we must continue on without smoking!! good job and keep strong


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