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Please tell me it gets easier!

I'm just about to enter my 4th week of not smkoing and this last week has been really hard. The first 2 weeks were easy in relation to this past week although I think suffering the flu helped massively! I seem to be hungry all the time and I'm really missing those times in the day when I would have a fag such as whilst I was waiting for dinner to cook or after dinner. I've realised that I need to do something else so at the moment I am cleaning like a mad woman or covering my hands in hand cream and putting on cotton gloves. I swear I'm going to have the cleanest house and softest hands soon! Anyway, can someone please tell me when the cravings start to subside? I googled it and several sites said 90 days which seems so far away!

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The question of when do the craves reduce/vanish is frequently asked. Many different answers too :)

Most recently asked ....

Check out the links in my signature and those of others where shown. Read up all you can, it will help prepare you. Knowing what's ahead is of massive benefit.

A useful read, given that you've just made it through week 3, is 'The Terrible Threes', which can but not always apply to day 3, week 3, month 3.

Personally I found day 2, week 2 and month 2 the worse. It's the terrible three's +/- a bit ;)

I'd say your almost through the worst and will begin to see some great calm normal days ..... they do exist and will come your way again :)

All the best with continuing your quit


Secret, I quit around the same time as you and for the same reasons (man, wasn't that flu the pits??). And I'm in *exactly* the same state too! I still think about it so much and have fairly frequent and sometimes really strong cravings. But I do think about smoking differently now - I think all the reading I've been doing is helping me to genuinely not think about smoking in a positive or nostalgic way, which makes the cravings easier to deal with.

Having said that, i do long for the time when I can go whole hours without thinking about having a fag!

We've got to stick with it though, eh? We've come so far. And there is so much that feels good about stopping.:)



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