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No Smoking Day
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Wow day3

cant believe its day 3, although i have had the odd fleeting thought about having a cigarette on the whole i have had no major cravings yet. I know its not going to be plain sailing and wasn't expecting it to be, but i have had a positive attitude to giving up. I remember many years ago trying only to be bad tempered before i got a grip of why i wanted to stop, that lasted about 4 years and only started again as i went on to permanent nights, so this attempt is hopefully going to be the one where i can give it up for good. Keep strong all and see you on day 4.

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Well done Pheonix, being positive about your quit has a huge impacy on making it more bearable. Bring on day 4 :D

Gaynor x


bring on day 4

Lets hope that day 4 will be as good as the first 3, thanks for your kind words. I really do understand that some folk are really going through the mill right now and want to offer words of encouragement. I had not set myself any dates to give up especially new years resolutions as i believe you set yourself up to fail on a lot of occasions, i did however in certain aspects resign myself to giving up or making some attempt to quit in the near future. I suppose what has been the main factor is the boss at work has banned any tobacco from the site and that a work friend has given up since new year. I sometimes think that i don't really need to completely stop and the odd one here and there wont hurt, but hey, who am i kidding. So i am making great efforts in giving up, thinking positive has been the main way for me at present and then reading some of the heart renching stories from whyquit, as long as i can keep the reasons why in the front of my mind then i have a goal to focus on, Day 4 bring it on, i'm bigger than you.


Evening Pheonix, welcome to the boards (sorry that's late)

Well done on reaching day 3, that's a brilliant achievement :D

It does get easier and i always say... keep a positive mind and stay positive will help you along the way :)

Good luck and remember we are all here to help you

Snowie x


well done - doesnt it get easier form here on??


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