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Is day one on Champix day one on the forum?

Hi everyone

Have been taking Champix since Monday so not sure if I am on day 6 or not! Or should day one be my actual Quit (no fags at all day!)? Please let me know so I post in the right place!

I am getting on ok with Champix, up to the 2 tablets a day dosage . I am now pushing for a quit day next week. My lovely sis quit with Champix and had loads of support from this forum and recommended it - so here I am.

Finding I am only smoking about 3 a day from yesterday (was smoking 15 a day on average before!) The 3 I tried yesterday tasted foul and I only smoked about 1/2 a cm of each ciggie). Sleeping ok and have only had one weird dream (one of the side effects) - the dream was work related so not very interesting but very vivid...!!

Have been engrossed in the tip section this morning - all really helpful. Drinking lots of cold drinks has kept me full and stopped me finishing off the rest of the Celebration chocs left over from Christmas:D

Hope all you day 6 people are doing well and getting all the support you need from those around you

Hugs, Flossie

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Welcome Flossie & well done on your decision to quit.

I would say day 1 is the first day of not smoking.

Good to hear the champix is doing it's job well for you.

Wishing you well for your first day. Have sent you an invite to the January quitters group if you would like to join us :D

Gaynor x


Thanks Gaynor, have joined January quitters - looking forward to joining Day 1of the forum on my quit day next week.


Will look forward to your day 1 post Flossie :D

Gaynor x


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