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Soooo pleased with myself

I have now been quit for 2 months and nearly 11 hours (61 days). I've not smoked roughly 1540 nasty white sticks. And I've saved one hell of a lot of money.

My lifestyle habits have changed dramatically. I used to be a right socialite, and was out most nights after the kids had gone to bed (drinking like a fish and smoking like the proverbial chimney). Now I go to bingo once a week, and we might all go out once a week to the local social club for a catch up and a few bevvies. Don't get me wrong, I still like the odd drink or three at home :D (but not as often now).

I'm sorting the household we both used to be able to afford to smoke I'll never know. Truth is, if you look at my sig, we didn't. But I didn't really care. As long as I had enough to keep me happy in my habbit, I wasn't bothered if we had to resort to credit cards to buy them. Selfish? yes....but to a degree I think most smokers are.

I'm still eating like a pig, but to be honest there wasn't a lot of me to start with. Now if I could just shift the weight onto the places that I'd like it (boobs :p) instead of my tum, then I'd be one happy bunny. I'm now no longer addicted to pear drops as I was in the first few weeks, but have moved onto salted popcorn instead :eek:

My house and me no longer reek of smoke, and I am no longer embarassed about people coming in. I can't remember the last time I coughed (still waiting for the lungs to clear out, or maybe they have and I didn't notice). I walk to work every day now (have to,cos we scrapped DH's car!) and I'm not knackered when I get there. When this concussion finally clears (slight accident just before xmas :o) I may even be tempted to do some excercise!

I would never have got this far without my friends on the forum, as a lot of people in my 'real' world didn't think I'd last a week. Nor did I.

And I know it's only 2 months done, but it feels like a lifetime to me, and I'm so bloody proud of myself. Just wanted to let you all know.

Rachel xx

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thats brill im trying to get my arm to reach round to give you a pat on the back :p

hope you have a brill weekend:)

Carol x


What a lovely post Rachel. Sending you a huge hug for doing so well & sounding so positive. :D

Gaynor x


Well done Rachel :D:D Don't worry about the eating it does slow down. I am just 3 mths now and have managed to stop the excessive eating now and am actually loosing the weight again.

Sian xx


Well done!

Hi Rachel

Well done you! Two months is my next milestone (just over two weeks to go) and when I get there I will be just as proud as you!

I know exactly what you mean when you say that you don't know how you could afford to smoke. My cigs were always bought on a credit card and even though I managed to pay if off at the end of each month, I never had any spare cash to save. I am very embarrassed to say that if we went out or needed anything for the house, my fiance would always pay as all my money went on smoking. How he put up with this I will never know! I feel so much better now that I finally have money to contribute fairly.

I never thought I would say this but there are soooo many benefits to not smoking that they by far out weigh any pleasure I got from it!

Congratulations once again!



way to go rachelww1. so glad to hear all these positive things:D congrats on your 2 months!! you give me hope!! thank you:D


Whoops....didn't notice this post cos foolishly I was looking in the 2 month section :o

Cool as, Rachel :)

Keep notchin' up the milestones...someone on this forum mentioned that stopping smoking is like awarding yourself a pay rise ;)

Look out Caribbean :eek:



Thanks're all fab xx


a lovely post and a great achievement, well done you :)


Morning Rachel ...


You should be proud hun as i am, two months is a brilliant achievement and here's too many more :D

Snowie xx


Woo Rachel

:):)Well done my dear . How lovely for you. It is a mystery wehere the money came from isnt it?

Heres to the next 2 months and the next 2 and so on



Awwww - Rachel ((hug)). Well done love. I'm so proud and I really hope you are too.

You have done so well! Don't forget to find room in the budget to give yourself a small treat. You very much deserve it xx

In fact you are a bit of an inspiration, I really must get to grips with the finances soon....not month maybe.......



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