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11 days... cold turkey!

Ive just joined this site and are so far finding relief from it as i dont feel so alone now.

I stopped smoking on the 4th of Jan and decided to go cold turkey as i had tried it before with patches and failed as soon as i took patches off.I feel great now i have got to day 11 and dont crave that much although i do find myself becoming bored more easily. How is everyone else coping and does the feeling of boredom soon pass?:confused:

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I try to keep myself busy. My house is very clean and tidy at the moment! I am planning to do some new things like growing vegetables. Actually, I think I was more bored when I smoked because I had substantially less energy and would nip out for cigarettes rather than getting on with things. I have more oomph or joie de vivre now.


when i get bored i clean something or hang out with my son!!:D watching a movie always works and if all else fails take a nap!! good luck and keep going..its worth it


Congrats on the quit!! I've decided to learn to cook instead of being bored, I'm not very good at all but my other half is very encouraging, even though he has to eat what I attempt to make, which I assure you does not taste the best, but it helps me in my quit, I also find putting handcream and lip balm on helps.


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