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Series on YouTube

... called Smober Up.

I think it's all done by the Nicorette company, but whatever... I started off thinking 'oh, this will be naff' and ended up by watching every episode and feeling genuinely inspired.

It made me feel a bit better about still craving at three + weeks - they all still were - and I really liked all the people involved. The way they were supporting each other reminded me of this place.

Anyway, if you've got some time on your hands and need a bit of motivation...


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Thanks Hels,

Will have a look over the wekkend :)

Hope you are ok.

Gaynor x


It's sponsored by Nicorette, yes, I said that in my first post.

But I have quit cold turkey and I still found it useful.


Hi Hels,

Quitting tips or stories are just that no matter how you do it. I likw whyquit & allan carr but not gone ct. As you say, you take what you need form these things & adjust it to suit you. Any help & info is better than non so thanks Hels xxxx


sorry to tired to check spelling & grammar, hey ho :D


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