No Smoking Day
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Day 14 :-o

Hey Everyone,

Havent been on in a wee while as I was off work.

Still going strong at day 14 and so proud of myself. I actually was joking about with my hubby and stuck a ciggie in my mouth and pretended to smoke it and didnt even feel anything for it. So I think this is it, finding it easier and easier as the days go by.

I still have the wee empty feeling after a meal but its easy to deal with now by eating :-/

I think I am at the stage now when I have to stop eating sweet things as a substitute and get fit. I have been paying for a gym membership since november and havent been, need to get back into it.

Hope everyone else is still going strong. Have an amazing weekend.

Jill xxxx

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I was wondering where you were, Jill. Glad to hear you are still smoke free. It feels so good, doesn't it. I sorted out my gym membership yesterday. I am attempting my first zumba class tonight.

Have a good weekend, Jill.


Hey Ellie,

Zumba, what is that? I dont think they offer that at my gym! Well done on the gym membership. I always find that once you are there it is really really good but motivating yourself is a different story!!



Jill, it's a dance keep fit class. My Mum goes and loves it.

I changed gyms because my son does swimming class once a week at the leisure centre so I know I will be there are least once a week. Once I get into the routine, I really enjoy it.


Well done Jill,

You have every right to be proud of yourself :D I don't know about you but can't believe how fast the days have gone. I was ok with the eating bit till the last couple of days but have felt the munchies trying to get hold of me lol. Had started losing weight before xmas so don't really want to put it back on again.

That'll be the munchie monster & the nico monster I have to slap now ;)

Gaynor xx


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