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So this is day 3 - hmmmm

Hello all

So I'm 3 days into my second serious attempt to quit CT, having smoked for the last 22 years (jeeze i'm only 36 - thats 2 thirds of my life!). I've wanted to quit for ages, I'm fed up of being in a state of fear over my health - will I won't I get cancer/copd/emphasyma etc worrying at every twinge. Not to mention the cost - After going round Asda at the weekend saying no to my daughters requests for various things because "I couldn't afford it" I then stopped at the garage to buy a packet of cigs and the cost £6.75 and something in my brain just clicked - how the hell can I justify spending nearly £7 a day to slowly kill myself,but, say no to a £2 comic or question the price of some dried fruit, its crazy.

Have been reading these forums quite a bit over the last couple of days and its really helped so far. Today hasn't been too bad as have kept busy, but, am feeling quite shaky and agitated at the moment and soooo need a good nights sleep - have had 2 crap nights sleep and really don't think I can handle another bad one. Anyway rant over - thanks for listening :)

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Hi & well done to you :D

Amazing isn't it how we could always find the money for a packet of fags but as you say question the price of everything else & do without :eek: I certainly do not miss parting with my hard earned money just so I can inhale toxic chemicals & continue my addiction to nicotine. Thos days are OVER :D

I hope your sleep settles soon & bring on day 4 ;)

Gaynor xx



The whole thing is insane isn't it? Just goes to show how horrendously addictive nicotene is, that mature, intelligent people can carry on doing such stupid things and living in such a state of denial.

Well done you - hang in there, it does get easier. Hope you get a better night's sleep.



Thanks Gaynor & Helsbells

I hope tonight is better, might have to have a large swig of hubbys brandy before bed though(for medicinal reasons of course;).

I'm trying to set myself little goals as to what I can do with the money I save - this week I will have saved enough to pay for a whole term of ballet for my daughter.

Well done to both of you as well, bring on day 4!!



Hi, can we share the Brandy? It might help me sleep if I am lucky :p

Setting your sights on what you can do with your saved money is a great idea. I am sure your daughter will be thrilled :D I have saved just over £60 in 12 days, or I would have done had I got any lol.

Hope you have a great day 4 ;)

Gaynor xx


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