No Smoking Day
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Double figures!

I am very happy to be 10 days nicotine free. I am enjoying the increase in my energy levels. I feel so much more productive. My sleep is back to normal and my craves have lessened.

I had a particularly stressful evening last night and must admit I was tempted, especially when DH went outside for a puff. But I reminded it myself it would not just be one cigarette, but would lead to 1000's more. The craves are easy to deal with, it's my teenage son I need help with!

So today will be another smoke free day.

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Well done Ellie :D

Do you think there is a forum for parents of teenagers LOL.

Gaynor xx


I'll need to google it, Gaynor. Right now I am working my way through the ironing. Tonight I plan to start reading my gardening book so I can get started on the garden.


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