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New to forum and quitting!

Hi I am on day 2 of quitting with patches. I've been smoking for 42 years :( tried and failed 20 years ago, sick of smelling horrible and being self conscious of smelling to my non smoking friends. Only smoked about 6 - 10 a day and never before lunch, for some reason I feel like this it making it harder to quit? I put the patch on around 11am and take off just before bed time. First day was hard but today was harder, I seem to be constantly thinking about smoking which is frustrating because I didn't think about it when I was smoking and sometimes went until 3pm until my first ciggie. I know that it would taste foul if I have one and I really don't want to do that and go back to square one but its so hard and I feel really weird like there is an emptyness 'something missing' feeling all the time I'm not sure if the patches are helping or not I may feel worse without them so I will stick with them and hope this 'needing' feeling goes off soon. Trying to exercise more and not to eat more cos I really don't want to put on weight. I have a dilemma as I always smoked more when I had a drink so I've cut out alcahol too but I have to go to a meal at the pub tommorow so I'm really worried about having a glass of wine but I feel I should make myself act normally and get over the feeling of needing a ciggie with a drink? Considering I didn't smoke that much I thought it would be easier than this :( my Husband has been smoking even longer than me and we are both doing this together which makes it easier of course, he too has had a hard day but he is at work all day and 'distracted' but I am at home alone so I think I am finding it harder because of that. I was so pleased to find this forum cos I think I am going to be needing some help and encouragement over the coming days/weeks/months?? I so want to give it up forever. Thanks out there and well done to those of you who have succeeded. xxxx

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Hi Fultime

Welcome to the forum!!

Congratulations on your decision to quit and well done on getting to what must be day 3 by now!!

You will find much help and support within this forum and the best advice I can give you is to read, read, read. Arming yourself with as much knowledge as possible will help distract you from the cravings, whilst preparing you for the journey ahead!

In the early days I did what ever was needed to stay smoke free, going out for walks, drinking plenty of water, deep brething ect.

It does get easier as time goes by, just take it one day at a time and before you know it you will be in the Penthouse!!

Lots of us feel the emptyness or wanting of a ciggerette, almost like you are mourning a lost friend? Don't be fooled fags are no friend and they would sooner kill you than release their grip on you!!

Stay strong and keep going!!



Bless :)

Keep going fultime. We've all had that feeling - the 'empty and insecure' feeling is how Alan Carr describes it and it's true. Horrible isn't it? But please do hang on in there, it absolutely does get better.

Read as much as you can, that really helps initially as an education and distraction and then latterly as a deterrent to ever starting again.

I've learn't so much about smoking and cigarettes since my quit it's scared the hell out of me and I would be flippin' mental to ever start again knowing what I know now.

Read and read and read. Arm yourself with knowledge, it does help.

Good luck


thank you

Thanks for your support, I will do as you say and read! Nice to know also that what I am feeling is normal and will eventually go. Love and best wishes xxxx


Welcome fultime :D

I can only agree with what the others have allready said. Read as much as you can, post as much as you want ;) It does get easier just hang on in there, ok?

Gaynor xx


Still smoke free but its sooooooooooooo hard

Day 8 today but its not getting easier, I'm bored too which isn't helping and I am trying to diet and exercise cos I can't stand the thought of putting on weight cos that will make me go back :( I wish this awful feeling of something missing would clear off!! Not sleeping great, feel like I'm thinking about smoking 80% of the time but I know I would be sick if I had one and would probably feel sick too. Please someone tell me this is going to get easier and I won't keep thinking about it, I keep telling myself 'yes you like it, yes you enjoy it but you can't have it, its not good for you so get used to it' God how I wish I never started!


it does get better i am on day 17 i remember posting a thread very similar to yours a little while ago i still think about it alot but the voices arguing in my head seem to be talking quieter these days at the begininng its like they were shouting now they are talking soon they will be whispering then i wont hear them



Filling that 'hole' that not smoking sometimes leaves with something positive and constructive will help enormously.

Take yourself off and do something you enjoy and don't associate smoking with. Long baths and reading helped me a lot. Try and avoid boredom and letting the mind play tricks.

And a big fat YES .... it does get easier. Keep reading links on here along with posts from those ahead of you in quit times. Know whats happening and why ... knowledge and all that? :)

Keep with it .... your getting there :)


Hi Fultime..

I promise you it WILL and DOES get better... I'm on day 15 today and have only thought about smoking a few times.

If you look through my posts you will see one where I was ready to give I couldn't take the feeling of wanting anymore, But I am so so glad I didn't give in.

I know it doesn't seem like it at the minute but soon you will go hours without even thinking about smoking..then it will be days..You will feel so much better too.

The only way I got through was by telling myself I don't want to smoke and not that I can't smoke. When I'm told I can't it makes me want to do it more so that helped me. Oh and this forum as been a God send too

Keep up the good work - You can do it

Tracey x x


V. impressed

You're doing so well - dont give in, I'm only just finishing day 1 and so jealous of - everyone really, with more days.

You have to think that you have found it hard BUT done it anyway, most people give in when it gets hard....remember you chose to do this and it's not YOU that wants a cigarette, it's only the nicotine receptors.

You can do it you can do it you can do it :)


Thank you for all your encouragement day 14!!

Thank you so much you are all so lovely and it does help to get the encouragement to keep on, today is the 14th day, I feel a bit dissapointed that I don't feel better in any way after stopping all those awful chemicals from entering my body you would think I'd feel like a different woman but I feel exactly the same, no cough or better taste etc, but I did only smoke about 8 so maybe thats why as it never actually made me feel ill in anyway, no cough or breathing probs or anything like that. Anyway the 'voices' are getting quieter now and I've been reading more and I'm going to do some knitting, the first time in years but it will keep me occupied and my hands busy. Still getting the lost feeling now and again but its not as severe as the first week, I really don't want a ciggarette at all but I feel like I need to be doing something, an empty bored feeling, its weird and hard to explain but I guess you can't do something for over 40 years and not expect some withdrawal symptoms. Thanks again for your help, on to week 3 :) Love to you all and keep with it xxxxxx


Keep up the great work!!! you can do it. One thing I have noticed is how great this forum is fro positive support! I am only on day one however I feel I can do it with the support of all the great people on here :)


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