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Day 9 and its a BAD day

Hi everyone..

I'm on day 9 and gotta say its a bad day today.. No matter what I do I can't stop thinking about fags..

The day started off relatively good...It was my youngests 1st day at Nursery and it was my 1st real good memory without smoking, that went fine then this afternoon everythings gone down ill.. don't knoiw whats changed from this morning but I cant stop thinking about smoking even reasoning with myself so I can smoke... feels like I'm back to day 1 .. Even said to myself maybe I need to try one to prove to myself I don't want one..

I'm even nearly in tears... How silly ???

Anyway hope everyone is having a good day

Tracey x

Oh yeah and doesn't help I weighed myself today and I've put 6lbs on !!!!

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Hi Traceymarie,

Bad days are to be expected however coping with them alone is not ;)

You need to take your mind off smoking, do you have a hobby or anything you can do to take your mind off it?

I find that baking is a good one, making cakes, flans or pies... takes a while to do and as you are concentrating on that and constantly using your hands you don't have time to think about the dreaded smoke!!

Keep intouch and let me know how you are going and if I can help in any way then I will :D

Shashwoo x


I had a day like that on day 15 - think I posted on here at the time - felt like I was going mad and I'd never stop wanting to smoke.

I think we all have to accept that there will be days like this, we just have to use all the strategies at our disposal to battle through them - breathing, occupying your hands, drinking water, whatever. Everything I've read about this suggests that they get fewer and further between and less intense as time goes on. I'm finding it much easier now, for sure.

Hang in there. You can do this. And never mind the weight. One of the things I read said you'd have to put on 75 pounds to equal the damage caused by just one packet of fags - so six pounds is nothing, relax!!! One thing at a time.

Take care,



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