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i am actually having a good morning this is a first i am on day 11 of quit with patches i am not going to count my chickens before they hatch but it does give me a light at the end of a dark tunnel. i dont know if this had anything to do with it but yesterday my daughter started her stage two swimming lessons and i thought i am gonna make this a non smoking good memory and i made a concious effort to log this in my memory because all of her swimming lessons in stage one were me being a smoking mum and just wishing the lesson would hurry up so i could smoke wen it finished. so maybe now i can give something back to this forum with a tip of tryi to make good non smoking memorys no matter how small they are

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That's a great tip, Boo. I am glad things are getting easier.


Well done & welcome Boo.

I think replacing any negative thoughts re stopping smoking with positives thoughts is definatley the right way to go. No negatives allowed EVER because there are none to be had ;)

Gaynor xx


Well done you. Making new positive memories is a great idea. Share often and read lots to help you stay stopped and make many new memories.



thank u everyone honestly this forum gets me through the bad times i just read and read and u are all so lovely, after my good morning i went though a bad patch between 11-1.30 but feeling better now this is a real break through day for me happy happy happy maybe its my new non smoking memories putting positive pathways in my brain already

quit 01.01.11

patches and this forum


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