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Light head


Hi Fellow Quitters

Hope everyone is good and still saying strong.

Day 11 for me today, usual emptiness and odd craving which i can happily cope with. The one issue i am struggling with is the light foggy head. I work in IT and need to concentrate on my monitor or in meetings and this feeling of not being with it is really causing my days at work alot more stressful than they should be.

I went cold turkey so can not be any reaction to patches or tablets.

All the best everyone!

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Hi and well done

i am on day 11 to went CT and get a light headed feeling from time to time, is it the increased oxygen we are now getting just a thought.


Well done on your great achievement, the best decision you have ever made. If you have a look in my signature there is a website about 'Symptoms', in there you will find the answer to your light headedness and many other helpful stories.


Thanks for your replies.

Thanks for your replies.

Have had a read and all makes sense. I do notice once i eat something i start to feel normal. Phew!

Anyway, congratulations all. Exciting times!

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