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Day 11 ... WOW


Totally off the patches now ... I just dont feel the need for them, all theyre doing is pumping nicotine nto me, and Im trying to stop that lol ...

So that's it. 110% decision taken to quit without the patches now :D

Shame about the 14£ wasted on them lol ... but for the last 2 days, I havent even had a patch on, so I know I can do it ...

To be honest, I dont seem to get the craving atall now .. maybe slightly, but looking in the mirror and seeing the fabulous NATURAL whitenss of my teeth coming back is more than enough to squish that feeling lol :D

Only bad thing to come from this so far ....

THE SNORING! Never before have I snored .. well maybe after a few alcoholic bevvies ... but sober, never, and not to this extent.

Plus I have no snot/bung/etc .... so my airways are clear for the first time in 15+ years ... so what the hell is going on ?! :confused:

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well done!! i,m on day 11 and i dare come off my 24 hr patches. my only down fall now is that i,m addicted to my nicotine inhaler. if i mislay it i panick... not good:( good luck and keep strong x

Well done on day 11, I am the same and cravings seem to be almost gone, the odd one but nothing to write home about.

PK2011, I am EXACTLY the same, I have never been a snorer and last night and the last couple of nights my hubby has had to wake me up, he said he thought I couldnt breathe because my snore was so high pitched. I can't really find any info on it but I am glad that someone esle is having the same problem lol.

Good luck today!


Well done all of you :)

Snoring? Don't you have to sleep to do that? Your lucky if you are lol :p

Gaynor xx

Lou, Try getting the inhaler cartridges on a lower dose and ween yourself off it :) it wont taste any different to you and will help to ease you off the need for it! GOOD LUCK! :D

I need to find something on it Jill ... Its doing my head in, my OH cant sleep, then I get woken up by a really really loud snore ... its not good. Tried nasal spray, and strips, but like I said previously, my airways are totally clear, so they dont seem to have made a difference. They say smoking and snoring go hand in hand, they didnt say it would be when you seperate the two though LOL !

Good Luck with the coming days! If I get any advice or ideas about how to stop the snoring, I will let you know !

LMAO Gaynor, the sleep has settled for me, but I presume you're still not sleeping well, try some calms :) They were recommended to me, and they seem to have done the trick ... just a shame they dont stop snoring too :)

Have fun :P

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