Day 8 and feeling great!

Managed to get through a week of working from home, and a drunken night out with pals, without hardly wanting and definetly not having a fag. Feel pretty good, and confident that I have smoked my last cigarette.


- More Energy

- Have stopped coughing everytime I wake up.

- No stinking breath or fingers.

- Have saved about £32.

- Have played my guitar a lot more (I pick it up for 5 mins whenever I think about smoking).

- My missus has stopped telling me a stink everytime I return after a smoke.

- I feel I have achieved something.

- I generally feel a lot more healthy and have stopped worrying that I'm likely to end up having a heart attack or getting a serious illness (both my parents died in their 60's - mum last November - from cancer, so think I was becoming a hypochondriac).


None - it's great being a non-smoker.

Roll on the next 7 days and good luck to everyone else who has quit!

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  • Yey well done, you deserve a pat on the back :D

    It is def better being a non-smoker! You are over the hardest part now so as long as you keep yourself occupied you will do great!

    Well done again!


  • The mention of your guitar has just given me an idea............ i have a harmonica somewhere that i bought years ago (meaning to learn to play it but never did), time to dig it out as that'll give me something to do with my mouth and hands with a specific goal.

    Oh by the way, well done on reaching eight and great

  • Day 8 and feeling great!


    Good idea on the harmonica. Everyone is different of course, but I found my guitar to be a good distraction so would be good to learn a new skill and take your mind off the smokes at the same time. Double positive. I've a couple of harmonica's myself (but never learnt to play them well), so may join you this week and give the guitar a break!

  • Yeah, we could start a band............ "The Smoking Harmonica's" .......................... or should that read "The Non-Smoking Harmonica's" ;):D

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