Day 5

Well it day 5 whhhhooooo feeling good. It has been my weekend off work and the first of my days off while stopping smoking, I was pretty busy Saturday and Sunday there was nothing planned. I thought Sunday aaarrrgghh, so woke up and had such a good day, I relaxed and went for a 3 mile run, nearly blew my lungs up but felt really good once I got my oxygen tank lol ha. I did notice that it was nice putting my feet up and watching all the football and not having to get up and go outside and have one of those time wasting things, so it went well. So today back to work so feeling good and ready to get on with the day, and then 2moro get on with day 6, well done to everyone still fighting the good fight

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  • Well done

    Well done on day 5..:)

    You will be in the 2nd week before you know it !!

    Keep up the good work

    Tracey x

  • i hope so 2 weeks would be good look forward to gettin there

  • I am on my 8th day now so I'm just going into the 2nd week.

    I've gotta say for the past 3 days smoking hasn't bothered me a bit, I've all of a sudden got the burst of new found energy what everyone talks about and it feels great..

    Dont get me wrong I still think about smoking every now and then but its for a split second and I cant even call it a crave more of a missing it feeling.. almost like if my best friend has gone away ( sad I know ha ha ) but even that is nearly none exsistant now..

    You've done so well to get to Day 5.

    Keep up the good work

    Tracey x

  • that is brill tracey well done and i have good energy and positive thinking so i hope for that boost aswell, sounds good to me, well done on day 8 and u doing so well

  • Well Done :D

    You are very nearly finsihed the first week, which they say is the worst part. I am on day 10 today and from Friday I do feel it has got a lot easier. As previously said, it comes as more of a notion than a terrible craving and they are a lot easier to deal with!

    Well done again and the excerise you are doing well help you see how much stopping smoking will improve your fitness level and also keep the pounds off!


  • thanks jill, i will keep up the excerise and do look forward to things gettin easier, nearly at the end of my first week.

    Well done to u as well 10 day wow u go, and keep thinking positive and u will crack for sure, :)

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