Hello week 2!

I have been nicotine free week for 7 days!

Today I kept myself really busy. Strolled around the park this morning while the boys were doing their rugby training.

I went off to do a bit of shopping this afternoon and then chilled out reading the Sunday papers. I had a minor crave this evening when my DH went out for a cigarette but it was easy to shake off. WHen I feel a bit shaky I read the forum on my iphone.

I am eating lot's of fruit and veg and keeping sweet things to a minimum. Hopefully, I am learning from my last quit. I don't want to give up my freedom.

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  • :D Hi and well done on getting through the first week :) onwards and upwards is the way to go and im sure you will get there

    regards Carol

  • Well done

    Hi Ellie..

    Well done to you on 7 days.. I'm too into my 7th day, and things are looking up now.. Today I feel brilliant got loads of energy and less cravings so all is good..

    Keep up the good work


  • well done ellie keep it up these forums do help alot all the best for week 2


  • Very well done. It gets a bit less frightening as the days add up and we begin to hope that this time maybe we really can do it.

    You can, I can. We all can!:D

  • I hope I can. I am committed. I much prefer being a non smoker. My life feels more colourful and lively, less grey, if that makes any sense.

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