No Smoking Day
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Day 5 Woohoo!!!!

Day 5 and I'm feeling pretty good. It's a bit odd...I feel like I should still be really struggling, but I'm not.

I'm still having cravings, but they're not bad ones. I still quite fancy a cig, and could easily go and have one, but it doesn't make me feel like ripping my own skin off, the way I felt on days 1 and 2.

I really think I've cracked it this time, I've never felt this positive about a quit.

I always continued to smoke when I was ill. I have flu-like symptoms at teh moment and feel pretty rough. Gotta say, it's great not to be stood outside shivering and coughing for the sake of getting some nicotine in my system. Instead, I'm sat in the warm with a big glass of fresh orange, pleased that I'm coughing, because I know it's a sign that my lungs are clearing.

Good days ahead :)

And I'll tell you something guys, if I can do it, anyone can!!! ;)

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You're doing great, feeling like that on your fifth day. Doesn't sound as if it can get any better.


thanks x still doing ok. Find I'm only craving when I'm bored, so just trying keep busy. Still not well, so took the kids out for the aft, thoguht the fresh air might help and it did :)


:D well done and its great to hear your sounding so positive :)


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