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Day 7- can't seem to move off my bed :(

It's day 7 for me today and I feel so depressed today I haven't even moved off my bed yet I have no motivation what so ever my sleeping pattern is all messed up at the moment too I'm finding it hard to drop off anytime before 2am, maybe that's why I'm still led here maybe that's why I'm feeling physically drained, grizzly, have a horrible headache or maybe it's because I know I've got to venture out and do my shopping today and inevitably be around smokers and cigarette counters I'm going to see the bleeding things everywhere today and I'm fighting with my head at the moment grrrrrrrrr

I am going to get up now though, I am going to get dressed and I am going to go shopping, I am going to get through today I have to keep telling myself this, wish me luck!

Hope every1 else is ok today

Beck x

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Hi Beck sorry to read your not feeling too good atm but the fact you have gotton to day 7 is great :) you stick in there and it will pass and your sleep will improve its just the nicorette demon trying to get you back and will use any means possible to get you hooked again

good luck :D not that you need it

just remember to breathe think of the reasons why you stopped

regards Carol


Day 6...A week tomorrow :)

Hi guys..

Well done everyone, at 9.00 am tomorrow will be the start of day 7..

phew I made it :)

Although there's been many trying times when i didn't think I would.

I feel brilliant today but am not kidding myself as tomorrow could be as horrendous as yesterday :(

Bek.. sorry to hear your having a bad day and it sounds much the same as mine yesterday..I very very nearly gave in but glad I didnt cos look how I'm feeling today. Yesterday for me was full of crying and wanting to smoke I couldn't think of anything else.

Stick with it and you can do it or you wouldn't be on Day 7 you would have gave in before.

Best of luck

Tracey x


Oh Beckai, I have 4 kids too- grown up now, but what I remember is that when they were small I very rarely got to lie in bed, and I guess that is the same for you. Just enjoy your body healing. And when you see smokers, pity them, becauser most would rather be 1 week into their new lives than spending 40 quid a week on bad hair bad skin, bad teeth and body odour.

I promise you it does get better.


Hi all

I managed to go do my shop today after and although my headache is still there I'm feeling a lot better and positive than I did this afternoon :)

I didn't once think of cigs whilst out until I walked past someone puffing away and OMG the smell was horrendous I know it's only been 7 days since I last had 1 but it's certainly doing something because I felt physically sick smelling it. It was not the same smell as when I was smoking it was totally different stronger and just vile, so I stuck my head up painted a smile on my face and swelled with pride inside as I walked past.

I'm nearing day 8 now and my second week I'm sure I'll have more bad days but I'm getting there....thanks all for replying to my post today hope your all ok and staying strong

Beck xx


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