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No Smoking Day
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end of week 1

i have now made it to day 8,

that was a long 1st week, the last 2 days have been bad

my temper has gotten out of hand both at home and at work

i work with the public and get alot of stick from them, and i almost came to blows with this bloody little twat

and yesterday my girlfriend and kids got a bolloking from me,

i am going to continue not to smoke, i just hope it does not come at a greater cost

and please no-one say count to 10 lol, i have heard all the temper control things, and they dont work, they are just a way to get you to think for 30 secs so you calm down

i just wanted to air it instead of holding it in

thanks for being there to do that

good luck the rest of you quiters

stay strong

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Hiya Picasso,

Well done for getting through the first week :D I am sure the temper thing will settle soon for you. Hang on in there ok ;)

Gaynor x


well done on getting through the first week :)

but sorry to hear about the temper :eek: it will pass its just the nicorette demon trying a different approach to get to you to give in its very sneaky and will use any means available but it will get weaker because its not getting its fix just stay strong

take care


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