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Day 7- WHEN do you stop wanting it??

Really tempted today.


Days 4-6 were passable, but felt like smoking on day 4 out of spite, as my boss made a bitchy comment about giving up. I arrived at work on zero sleep, really struggling with temptation, and she dismissed me as 'people do it all the time... you're not the only one...'

FAILING to realise what a big deal it was for me to go even a day, and that this was my first day at work in my LIFE without one.

Day 5 was better than i expected with moderate temptation,

Day 6, was ok enough - i sat inside whilst pals smoked.

TODAY, I feel miserable. I've just got the keys to my new flat. i want to sit there outside and chillax and have a smoke and think 'yeah! new flat!', instead i walked home feeling desperate for a fag. I REALLLLYYY miss the one i have after work, and I just want one so so much. Not even physically. I was actually seriously contemplating buying a cigar or herbal cigs. i just want the smoke. The nicotine stuff isn't doing much. I don't want nicotine, I want to sit on the step and inhale something and it to smoke. I want to do it so much that i feel a bit like crying, because i've had enough of wanting it.

This just makes me think, 'well will i ever NOT want to smoke'. I just can't believe these 'never touched a cigarette again!!' stories. I kind of think 'good on me for trying not to smoke' but then i just think 'you'd be happier if you had a fag..' I can't subscribe to all of this 'benefits of not smoking!!!!' crap, because I've spent a lot of money on NRT this month, and treats, and the only thing i do like is not smelling. I can hardly relax because i want a fag.

Does this want go away??


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HUGS and more HUGS

The want will go away but it needs the willpower too. Don't forget that smoking was a huge part of your life.. every new job, new house, new pair of shoes was witnessed by the Nicodemon.

I know its hard... I am on day 11 ( I did quit 3 years ago for 2 years but ended up in Amsterdam and thats a whole diffferent story... lol )

It will get easier and the thing is you have acheived SO much. The cold hard facts are that NO ONE is stopping you smoking... this is YOUR choice, you alone made it so you are doing this for YOU. If you had a cig now, it would be YOU that would feel disappointed. You have beaten Nicodemon so many times in the last 7 days... the key word in all this is YOU.

You can do it..... If you didnt want to.... you wouldnt be here, do it for you..!

MASSIVE hugs xxx


Yes! Yes it does. And I speak as one who felt precisely the same as you at the outset. I honestly do feel much better now and there is, I swear, light at the end of the tunnel.

You want the smoke so badly because of its associations - you smoked when you were feeling good, when you wanted to celebrate, have fun, relax, you smoked - therefore you feel that you now require the smoke in order to feel good. But you really have to rationalise it. It wasn't the cigarette making you feel good - it was just something you were doing at the same time as feeling good, that happened to be slowly killing you. It's hard but you have to understand, and then break, those associations. It wasn't the smoke making you happy, and you CAN BE HAPPY WITHOUT THE SMOKE.

Don't give up now. Try to be positive, I know it's hard but it helps. And don't think about the long term, just face it one craving, one day, one step at a time. I'm not so far ahead of you down the road, but I can promise you that the view is already very different.



Dont do it.... youll feel so much guilt, youll have to quit again, you might allow yourself to smoke for a few months before you quit again - then when you do youll feel worse about where you could have been on the quit calendar, smoking also increases anxiety - so the whole thing is made worse even more!!

Cigar smokers dont inhale fully either, so if you do that youll just be an anxious pile of guilt choking from something you never enjoyed and probably feeling sick too. Oh, and if you go down the herbal route, well, there something else..... they stink like burning tea leaves you dont get the kick that you ever had from a ciggie whether it be nicotine OR that throat feeling - theyre just nasty and completely pointless with absolutely NO satisfaction whatsoever.

If us lot can do it, you can do it to, youre not alone by any means, but you can be the one that sticks to it where the weaker ones fail.


It will go away in time. You have been doing really well and all the hard work will be worth it. One puff will undo all the effort you have put in. Stick with it!


I can't subscribe to all of this 'benefits of not smoking!!!!' crap, because I've spent a lot of money on NRT this month, and treats:(


That's the nicodemon talking, if ever I heard him. It's not like you'll always be shelling out for patches or whatever, and you WILL save a fortune if you stick with this. Not to mention rescue your poor knackered lungs and... oh hey, you know... not run a phenomenally heightened risk of dying of something horrible?!? Crap, it is not, and we both know it.


Hi Monster Magnet,

I really feel for you today. As you know I am on day 7 today as well & have spent the whole day wanting. Not a crave, just a want that has not gone away. I won't give in, a want is a nothing & easy to get through in the scheme of things.

The unsupportive people do not deserve a moments thought. They are either nasty, jealous or just plain horrible. They do not understand & do not warrant you being hurt or upset by them, they are nothing ok. You & I (meaning us all) are better than them. Who gives a s**t what they think.

As a smoker we do it when we are bored, sad, happy, stressed etc etc. No matter what the feeling a fag goes hand in hand. It doesn't make any situation better, we just always think it does. But it makes no bl***y difference at all. In truth, we know that also. Your new flat is exciting, a fag does not make it more so or less.

The want will go away I promise you. It's early days yet for you & me. As far as spending money on NRT goes, you would have parted with it for fags gladly enough. The difference is you 'think' you would have enjoyed them. If you go to your GP or most local pharmacies they run smoking cessation. Your NRT will then be given on prescription. Far cheaper than buying across the counter or off the shelf. You can pay in advance for a quartely presription card which will cover you for ANY items on prescription & save you LOADS. It's only about £110 for the year so a quartely one won't be much.

I can only say that it really is & can get better. I cannot recomend enough Allan Carrs Easyway, google it for free download. I have posted this quite a few times in the last week so apologise for being boring but it really DOES help. Gives your mind a new way of thinking about smoking. I am a great beleiver in just changing the way you think about things to be able to get through things that otherwise bring you down.

Any way, think I have waffled enough. Willing you through this.

gaynor xx


I agree with Gaynor re the unsupportive gits - they don't and can't understand. We, on the other hand, do. So ignore them, and talk to us!



I agree with Gaynor re the unsupportive gits - they don't and can't understand. We, on the other hand, do. So ignore them, and talk to us!


Hear, hear, only us quitters & those who support us are worth listening to lol

Gaynor xx


Thanks so much, guys.

I haven't had one.

People on here understand so much about smoking on an emotional level. I have an emotional attachment to it, i guess. like you say - happy = smoking, excitement = smoking, disappointment = smoking.

Somebody going 'just don't have one then', isn't understanding how i feel.

I'm just gonna try and take it day by day - re: Alan Carr- it looks good, but isn't they idea that you are s****king whilst reading it? xx



Glad u are still with us, hope I & the rest of us can give you the strength to stay here. If I could share the strength I feel know with you physically I would but can only try to do it with words. xxx


We love you monstermagnet

Well done Well done well done.

It is so hard to ignore that voice that never shuts up, and it is so hard when the thought of living longer is awful because it means being miserable for longer. But this stops, it really does, trust us.

God can you imagine the party we could have had if we'd all met in the30's, 40's,50's 60's when smoking was cool?

The good news is that we can still have the party!

We are all fabulous, funny and clever and so so cynical but with great big hearts, and we dont need to stick burning weeds in our gobs to prove it.:cool:


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