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Back on the track

Okey, here is my short story. I'm turning 27 soon. I started smoking when I was 17, I smoked 5 years (1 pack a day when it was a drinking night, which was almost every day back then :), then I decided to stop. For the first time I didn't smoke for 1 year, then I started again. Then I quit on smoking again, for 2 and half years. And yes, until yesterday I had been smoking again, first scarcely, last 2 months like in the old times. Yes, as you see, I'm particularly stupid :)

What made me to start again? Stress, in all cases troubles with beloved girls, ehm.

But now I back and I've made an emergency paper which helps me to understand that this is serious. It looks like this:


dealing with cravings/avoiding failure:

•breath deeply

•drink water


•stretch muscles

•focus your mind on reducing stress

•be aware of rationalizing process

•recall and focus on the main points why you stoped

•recall those moments in which you feel good about nonsmoking

•(only) if you feel you're losing it and that you 're going to light up a cigarette, make a last deal with yourself: „ok, but not without re-reading this paper“

other tips:

•everyday, say yourself „whatever happens: I'm not going to smoke“ & remind yourself dealing-with-cravings tips

•participate on a forum

•keep a log

•reward yourself


•cause it's a big distractor and thinking-time-which-could-be-spent-on-better-things consumer





the single most important thing to remember:

•NOPE: Not One Puff, Ever (in whatever form, no smoke at all)

things to continue with (besides non-smoking, of course):

•develop this paper

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a very good read, i will be using that, a work of art, we defo help keeping people positive :)


Good luck. Your paper should be a great tool to help you focus on your quit.:)


Good luck Kalmir!

I hope it works out for you this time, and you can STAY quit :)

Look after yourself, and keep chatting on here, it's helping me loads. Are you planning to use NRT or go CT?

I'm on day 4 CT and its definately getting easier. This morning I feel good...last night I wanted OH to bash my head in with a brick! LOL x

The paper is great, make sure you keep reading it and stay focussed.

Sal xx


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