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Oooooooooo Day 6

Hi everyone,

Well day 6 it is then :D

Have been feeling good today, got through a mad day at work without any craves so that is brilliant.

Had my CO2 checked & it is down to 1 so chuffed with that I have to say.

Still not sleeping properly though which is not good but I guess it will settle soon enough. Still managing with just lozenges which is unheard of for me. Have only ever been able to manage a quit with patches as well so that has made me pretty happy as well. Would have loved to go CT but the angry feelings where too much to cope with. So long as I stay quit I don't care how lol.

I hope everyone is doing well & keeping strong. Almost another day under our belts ;):D

Gaynor xx

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Brilliant job getting to day 6 Gaynor, you should be so proud of yourself.

Woop woop!!!! :D :D :D


Thanks Hels,

Must admit I am rather :D Going to stuff myself with pizza for a treat now :eek:

gaynor x


Well Done Gaynor :)

I'm off the patches, 2nd day without them, well chuffed! Only needed them for 4 days :D

Day 7 tomorrow, we've both done so well .. I cant believe its so close (yet so far) from my failed attempt 3 weeks ago ... Im so happy I could buy you all a beer lol !


Well done both of you, week tomorrow is it? Try not to get too complacent though. You are all doing well you new year quitters. How many in your group? David


Thanks David. Would never get complacent, after all I have had some really good quits going & fallen by the wayside before so that word is not in my vocabulary ;)

At last count there where 14 in the group.

Hope you are doing well David :D

Gaynor x


Well done Gaynor, Doesnt matter how you do it- you are doing it. I have the lozenges but can now only manage a short suck and then I spit them out- even so I am not ready to throw them out- maybe use 2 a day now.

Whats the difference between confidence and complacency- I hope I am confident.


Whats the difference between confidence and complacency-

Big difference. Confidence means you're going to crack it (Good) Complacency means you think you have cracked it (Not so good).


A joke to cheer us on

Two old ladies went outside for a ciggie. As they stood there puffing away it started to rain heavily. The one old lady took a small packet out of her pocket, withdrew a condom & cut the end off. She then slipped it over her cigarette. The friend asked 'what have you got there then?' The other replied 'It's a condom, great for smoking when it is raining as your cigarette does not get wet.'

Impressed with this the friend went straight to the pharmacy & asked for a packet of condoms. The pharmacist was a little taken aback but nontheless asked 'Any particular brand' The old lady replied 'Oh, it doesn't matter so long as it will fit a Camel'



LOL, Gaynor!


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