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I Quit again

HI all,

Well im back here again, i quit back on October 22 2010 CT, and lasted 44 days ( 6 Weeks 2 days ) then one sunday night i relapsed and maybe smoked 6, i couldnt believe how ill i felt, what had my body got used to over the past 29 years ? I was taking poison, thats clear to me now. anyway ive been offline for while, but i Quit again on December 6 without any NRT, im now on Day 32 thats ( Four Weeks 4 Days ) i have saved a bundle of cash,

Hope this quit is my last, wish me luck

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Well done for giving it another go Alan. Best of luck this time matey.


Hi Alan,

I don't see this as a relapse, I see it as a blip. And it seems one that's actually made something click in your head and stick by your decision.

What's even better is that without the NRT, you are well and truly free of nicotine in your body. I come off the patches next week, then I'll be effectively cold turkeying too.

You've kept going, that's the main thing.

Trandem x


Hi Alan and welcome back :)

as trandem says it was just a blip and your doing so well 32 days and going strong without any nrt is brill :D


I agree Alan, it was a blip so if it was me I would count it as still quit 22 Oct but had a blip in dec.

Stay strong and stick with it.



Hi Alan

Nice to see you back and even better that your still going strong. I would say as the others have done that i would keep the 22nd Oct as your quit date and put the Dec date as a blip. Good luck that man.


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