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day 1

Hi all this is my first day of the rest of my life, and the first day without the tabs, not my first time at stopping, but do hope this is my last attempt and leads to success, I am using the gum and so far I must say the first day has gone well, plenty of positive thoughts and I n o the negatives will try to get in but staying strong and time to this once and for all, for all those on there first day as well, and the ones further on, best of luck and keep it up lets beat this once and for all, any one wish to comment with little tips for me please do, help always a good thing :)

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A BIG welcome to the first day of the rest of your life :D

The best of luck to you.


thank u very much, all the best to u to


Well done to you, the best decision you have ever made.

My tips are the ones I used, read as much as you can about why you smoked, what happens when you stop and this will help you to stay stopped. Share your story with others and you will get help and encouragement and in turn your story will help others, a recipe for a great quit. The websites in our signatures have loads of information as well as posts on here.

Best wishes.



thanks jackie will use them sites thank u


well done and welcome to a brill forum with people that understand what your going through and wilbe there for you on each step if you need it :)


This will be the best decision you will ever make.

Good Luck with your quit :)


Day 1 - HELP!!

I am really hoping to find some support by joining this forum. It is Day 1 for me - I am a failed quitter on a number of occasions!

I know I do want to give up but I always crumble at first sign of difficulty and it seems the night before I can be really positive, but all that falls away by the time the morning of quit day comes.

My hubby is a non smoker and he REALLY wants me to stop - maybe more than I do. But I have been smoking for longer than I would like and need to make an end to it!!

If anyone needs a buddy - I would love one PLEASE!!!


Hi Millyju,

This forum is a terrific place to help get you through - most of us here have tried and failed a few times, so we all know what you're going through.

It can be done, it really can, and lots of people still posting here who are 1, 2, 3 years or more into their quit are living proof of that. It's an inspiration to those of us just starting down the road.

Lots of people have great links after their signatures, and all of us would recommend reading lots and lots and lots about the effects of smoking and the experiences of quitting. It really does help to focus your mind and get you through the tough times.

Do it. There's no good reason to carry on being enslaved to nicotene. Not one.

Good luck!



Day 1

Thanks so much - I will definitely be visiting this forum lots I imagine. You don't realise what a hold the nicotine has on you until you try and do without it!!

I think I need to work on breaking the association with times of the day or places and once I can do that will be a lot easier. Going to try and just get through next few days without losing my rag or causing WW3!!

Only time I gave up with ease was when I found out I was pregnant - although I am not suggesting that will be my quit method!


Only time I gave up with ease was when I found out I was pregnant - although I am not suggesting that will be my quit method!

Good grief no!! LOL

I gave up both times I was pregnant, and for a few months afterwards. Soon as my babies were weaned, I was like 'good, that's that done and dusted, I will now reward myself with a fag'.



Best of luck to you. Reading and education really is a key factor i've found. Knowledge is power so they say so find out all you can about the nasty little habit and you'll be well armed, and it also fills in a lot of those awkward 'I would normally pop out for a smoke' moments.

Remember always, that you are not giving anything up, you smell fabulous without that tobacco whiff and you are going to have so much more money to spend on you.

Lorraine :)


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