No Smoking Day
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Oh WOW I'm here

Month 3 here I come!!!

Its day 60 for me and boy do I feel great for saying that.

I never in a million years thought I would EVER stop smoking and now I feel that I can say to people

"No thanks I dont smoke" rather than "No thanks I've packed in".

I know its only a few words but they mean so much to me.

Congrats to all those non smokers we all deserve a pat on the back

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Just looking in and seen your post, well done you. Time flies so quickly now dont you think. Heres to the next 2,3,4.... A big well done and make sure you stay strong and dont let your guard down as you dont want Mr Nic trying to ask you to take him back.

Have a great day x


:D well done reaching a quarter of a year is certainly a big one :p


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