No Smoking Day
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Change,d my routine for wednesday,s

A bit dissapointed with myself i have been playing poker on a wednesday night for about 6 years ,i have blown it out tonight because everyone in the cabin smokes like troopers and i dont think i am ready for that just yet have i made the right choice cancelling my poker. that surely put,s the nicotine back in control of my life ?


good luck to all

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Hi Nic,

Normally I would say not to avoid smoking situations but if you where having to sit in an enclosed space with a lot of smokers I think you have probably made the right choice for today. At least if people are outside smoking you can stand further away from them lol.

Maybe next week you will feel better equiped to cope with it. You don't want to have to give up your poker & smoking :rolleyes:

Gaynor x


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