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Day 5 - Struggled today


Sorry guys but new to this forum so forgive me if i've started a thread in the wrong place. Not sure if i'm to tell you a bit about myself and my giving up smoking.

Anyway, here's my story so far................

I can't pin point a specific reason why i've decided to give up smoking.

I know the well advertised health and finance benefits of doing so and my (non-smoking) wifes pleas over the past 20 years have not persuaded me to try so hard as i am trying now.

I've tried (feebly) to quit before without success using Nicorette gum and patches and even the prescription tablets Zyban combined with electronic cigarettes only cut my smoking down to 3 cigarettes a day. The longest period i've gone without a cigarette in the past 30 years is 18 hours (and i was asleep for 7 of those hours!).

At 53 and been a smoker for 38 years then I think i am now just fed up of smoking, tired of the same old habit (much of which i didn't actually enjoy), tired of my life revolving around cigarettes ie "When i've finished eating this i'll have a ciggie", "I'll have a cuppa so as i can have a ciggie with it", "Must have a ciggie now as not allowed to smoke in the cinema" etc etc. I also began to realise that i didn't like the smell of other smokers, not just their clothes and breath as they past me by but also the actual fumes from the cigarette.

My Sister-in-law has tried and failed many times but each time she has quit for that bit longer. A couple of months ago she tried again but this time using the "Nicorette Inhalator"..... which she now swears by.

If i was going to quit then now was the time and the "Nicorette Inhalator" may be more suited to assist me in my quest. With this in mind i purchased one with 42 cartridges (i knew i was in for a fight) in early Dec 2010. I didn't set myself a quit date at the time but knew it would be soon.

Dec 31st 2010 (New Years Eve). My wife and a couple of friends (all non-smokers) were to celebrate with a meal in a restuarant and drinks in a few pubs. I took the "Nicorette Inhalator" along, i don't know why as i didn't have a definitive quit date in mind but thought I may alternate between the inhalator and ciggies.

Around 22:30 i went outside the pub to have a ciggie and my cigarette lighter literally fell apart, an omen?, i don't know but i decided on the spot that my last cigarette would be just before midnight on this last day of 2010. As the clocks struck midnight I announced i was now a none smoker and give my cigarette packet to my wife to dispose of, my friend took them from my wife and duly stamped on them!.

I'm now on day 5 and struggling a lot today, the 'edgyness/irritability' seems to have got worse today. Don't think the sleep disturbances help either though :mad:

Anyway, thanks for listening/reading.



Smoked for : 38 years

Quitting method: Warm Turkey (Nicorrette Inhalator)

Last smoked : 31/12/2010 at 23:55

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Well done you for making the decision. It's so hard, but you'll get there! Lots of friendly people here who will help you when the going gets tough.

Happy new year, and happy new you, and two fingers up to the nicodemons!

Welcome, Pete.

Thanks for sharing your story. You will have some good days and bad days. The irritability does pass though. As does the sleep disturbance. I have been siffering from that but I am hoping it will pass soon.

I find taking deep breaths helps when I feel an anger burst coming on.


Thanks all, it really helps knowing there's others there for support.

Everyone has good and bad days, just try and take them in your stride and don't let it beat you!

My day has been pretty bad today too, concentration terrible, cravings are coming more often than they have been so I am struggling too but when tomorrow comes we will be so pleased that we fought the urge!

Good Luck xx

keep at it mate

once the cravings back down you feel well pleased with yourself

my last cigarette would be just before midnight on this last day of 2010

Me too ! And even though some days have been VERY hard compared to others, Just stay focused! 5 days to us is like 5 years to those Nicotine Demons in our heads.. we're all here to listen! :D

And good luck!

Last night was by far my worse, disturbed sleep, when i did sleep had nightmares, when i woke (which was often) i wanted a ciggie........... which i never did when i smoked!! :confused:

Drive to work this morning and all i could think about was 'just one little puff' (so to speak :o).

Me thinks Day 6 is gonna be a real tester for me :mad:


Morning Pete

Just a little tip for when things get hard - try getting a bottle of water and take a sip everytime you feel like having a smoke - Suprisingly helpful - also deep breathing seems to help.

Anyhow keep going the rewards far outweigh the pain!!!

Thanks for the tip John................... although the way i currently feel i could drown with all that water i'll be sipping ;)


Sorry to hear that your sleep pattern is still not good but bear in mind that the nicotine and the 1000's of other chemicals are leaving your body and that means disturbed sleep, tierdness, etc etc for a little while longer yet.

I read that it can take up to 3 weeks to completely shift all the nasty chemicals from your body, but take a good high dose multi vit, drink plenty of water, rest when you can and most of all stay positive. I remember being where you are now and felt like my life was about to explode as i was so tierd, grouchy etc etc but it does get easier and now im over that and feel like i have never smoked.

Good luck my friend. Stay strong cos you can do this. You do not want to go back to the start again so keep on going :)

Thanks Jo, you're an inspirational star :D

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