No Smoking Day
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day 5

well it seems like a month has passed

cant beleive its only 5 days :eek:

not even a crafty pull of a fag

handled work fine, was offered a fag, took it and broke it, not been offered a another 1 yet

feeling good about this

enjoying my champix dreams ( last night i went to spain then turkey on holiday while on a cruise ship, what a wicked dream)

cravings has all but gone not

my temper is still a little short , expecilly around the kiddes

but nothing my misses cant knock me back into place

god bless champix

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Well done, keep at it.......... wish i had dreams like yours though :(


my temper is still a little short

Im hating that side of it ! I had a row with my other half today .. which could have been avoided, they came back in 5 mins later and apologised at me for snapping when I snapped at them, I didnt mean to snap and they know it.

Apparently all we have to do is make it to 14 days, and our temper should go back to normal! Here's hoping! :D



Good for you Picasso,

I have found the last few days have gone really quickly, wird isn't it. Day 6 tomorrow. How brilliant are we :D

Gaynor x


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