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Day 3 and trying to stay strong

Hi everyone,

Well today is day 3 of my umpteenth quit attempt. A few months ago I managed a whopping 42 days but then had a terrible week and I'm sad to say that the demon got hold of me again. This time I feel so determined to succeed - I am getting to the point where I am embarassed to tell people that I am trying to quit *again* and of seeing how disappointed they are in me when I fail. I am using patches this time, as well as the inhalator when I feel I can't cope, and also trying essential oils and cammomile tea to calm myself down. I feel ok today, but can't shake the feeling that I am always only minutes away from rushing to the shop to buy cigarettes. I know it sounds silly but I feel sad without them and like a bit of me is missing (I am 31 and have smoked for 15 years).

It feels sometimes like noone really understands the battle I am facing (every minute at the moment!) to try and beat this addiction once and for all. Those around me don't seem to understand how lonely and withdrawn I feel and how sometimes I feel like I just want to scream! I hope that by coming on here and reading about others experiences and being in the same boat as some of you that this time will be different and that I can do this.


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The great thing about a forum like this is that *everyone* understands.

You can do this. One step at a time. Hang in there!


Hi Chloe :D

well done on getting to day 3 :) the fact you have stopped before shows you that its not an easy path and that the smoking demon can attact you at any time along that path :eek:

but just remember to take each craving as it comes and if you do slip up and give in dont look at it as you have to start smoking again or beat yourself up about it your only human after all

we all know what your going through and alot of us have tried to give up in the past quite afew times but are trying again and succeeding try to think positive and if you havent already written a list of reasons why your stopping then write one and if you have then read it again and post it on here if you want to so you can refer to it anytime plus when you get the urge come on here and read some posts or distract your mind till it passes because it will pass

best regards Carol


Hi Chloe

I am also day 3 although first and hopefully last time quitter, I know exactly what you mean about feeling like something is missing & feeling sad- My day 1(Monday) was the 1st day I hadn't smoked in 14 years so this is a big adjustment for me. I was crying on day 1 whilst washing up lol

Stopping smoking feels like splitting up with someone, everything reminds you of them and you can't stop thinking about it!


thats very true PG after all you have had a very long relationship with cigerettes so its going to be very hard at first but it does get easier with time like any breakup


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