No Smoking Day
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Day 4 and ripping the granny out of the nicodemons

Hi guys

had a bad day yesterday but today what a contrast got up no smoke went to work no smoke .

work buddy has quit as well he is on champix so that has mad life a lot easier. i bought a big bag of murray mints and they seem to be doing the trick

cravings have eased of alot the mood has lifted a bit getting some crazy high,s where i just burst out laughing and shouting with happiness then when the craving comes i feel empty for about 5 to 10 minutes unless my attention turns to something else then it,s gone

keep up the good work guy,s dont let the demons back in !!!


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The Empty feeling is weird isnt it?

I was just glazed over infront of the TV (not even realising anything) then I just snapped out of it and went back on with what I was watching, it was like my brain just shut off whilst I was getting the craving, I suppose that isnt a bad thing lol ..

Keep up the good work !


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