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The New Me....Started today

Evening all

Well i have joined the gym and managed for my first time today about 30 mins on the equipment, the guy at the gym said for me to do about 40/45 mins on the CV stuff and that will help me so guess what i am back up there tomorrow at 1pm for my 40 mins if i can manage it and then again on Friday. My intentions then will be Mon, Wed & Fri 40 mins in the Gym and then Tues and Thurs 45 mins aquafit. Im taking this very seriously and i know it will take a while to get any true efffects of this new fitness regime but i am determined now that this is going to work otherwise that £605 i just spent will be a waste of money. I will keep you all informed how things go. Good luck all esp Sian as its her day today too ;)

I could tell how unfit i was cos OMG when i finished in the gym my face was bright red and sweating like a pig yet my kids were absolutely fine. Im going to do this as i want to be fitter as well as slimmer.

Wish me luck guys and gals.

LOL all

Jo xx

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Good Going

Well done, actually, with that kind of regime i think you will be seeing marked improvements really quickly- maybe even in a week!

I did not go to Yoga- but I will go tomorrow.


Well done Jo, got to do a bit of that myself also. Carry on with that regime and by the time the summer comes you won't recognise yourself!! You wait though, you'll see the difference so quickly that it really does spur you on. Good luck.



you are inspiring me !!

keep going !!! well done... you are an inspiration to us newbie quitters....we all read ahead to see what the future holds...think I may ( when I have the all clear from the doc regarding the pleurisy) dig the gym card out myself...

nic x


Thank you everyone for your replies. I really want this to work and im also keeping an eye on what i eat now where as before i would skip breakfast, might eat lunch and then have tea so now its Special K with strawberries, chocolate and skimmed milk for brekkie, lunch is a calorie controlled meal or something like poached eggs on brown toast and then for tea a calorie controlled meal and a nice yummy activia yoghurt. Im going to weigh and measure myself tomorrow morning and make myself a daily chart so that i can see how things progress. I only want to lose 1/2 to a 1 lb a week if i can and i have 40-50lbs that i want to lose if i can so aiming at the year just over if i can to get back to a good and decent weight. I have not weighed myself for months so i am more than likely now and have been larger for ages just as we all do just ignore is my fresh start and to be able to get to say 11st or even better 10st 7lbs would be great but every pound or even a half will be something.

LOL all


Well i must be mad, not only do i intend to do 30-40 mins at the gym later to burn some fat and cals i have just done 20 mins on the wii and yes im sweating like a pig again.

Im waiting on a heart rate monitor for when i use the wii as i need to make sure that i stay within healthy limits but i do feel better and i really must shift the extra weight that i have put on since having my twins.

Anyhow, just calming down and then at 1pm i will go up the gym for todays session, this time im going to take my MP3 player and listen to that whilst i do my attempt at working out otherwise its boring, im also taking 2 bottles of water as i needed a 2nd one yesterday and i am not paying there prices for bottled water.

Anyhow catch ya later



Go for it Jo, Although you're making me feel knackered just reading this :D

Let us know how you get on - if things go good it may encourage me to get of the computer chair ;) may not....but you never know :D


Hi Jo,

Sounds like you are getting into the swing of things. Don't forget that your body needs a break to though as it needs the time to repair itself from the excercise.

My induction went really well actually, thanks for asking :D Although I am aware of the weights and the core excercises today, I ache lol. Its strange isn't the different approach to weight loss (or specifically calorie buring). When I was at the gym a few years ago before my wedding they had me on 40 mins cardio to burn fat and 40 mins weights to tone. This time however, he has got me all on weights and says it burns as many calories as cardio does. This is what I will be primarily doing for now but will also be doing some cardio interval training once a week to help improve heart and lung function.

My plan is to do 3-4 times a week with a days break inbetween. So I will go tomorrow night and then probaly Saturday morning.

I need to loose 2.5 stone (really 3.5 but would be happy with 2.5) and I want to get it off as quick as safely possible. Been on the diet for 4 days now and am comfy with it now.

Hope you get on alright at the gym today.

Sian xx


Hi Hun

Well i have been up and done my 40 min workout for today, i wont be up there tomorrow mind you as like you say you need a day off in between so i will be back up there for 10.30 Friday when my OH will do his induction and can do his fitness training. I think what i may do is start my week by doing different things.

I will be up there Friday, then take the boys up Sunday for a swim and i might do 40 mins in the gym.

I know i must take it easy and not do it too hard otherwise i will get bored and not want to do it or even worse end up hurting myself. I was well chuffed that i never got out of breath though just very hot and mouth dry, took a nice cool shower when i got home and got changed. I managed to get my heart rate to max 177 and i want to ease myself into this regime as i have never been to a gym before apart from school of which i left in 1987 so a long time ago. I am working on not only burning the fat but also just generally getting fitter. I am not working at the mo and i dont think that has helped because i am not out and about as much as i should be so at least now im doing something worthwhile and fingers crossed will allow me to get into better shape. I am slowly working myself up so that eventually my 40 mins will have me burning many calories but for someone who has never been to a gym burning the 200/250 that i did this morning im hoping will help. I will get better and i will be able to eventually have better stamina and burn more. Im on a calorie watch for my meals but not really a diet just making sure i eat regularly and not too many bad things.

Good luck hun


Looks like we are all moving in the same direction. I have been to the gym today to pay my fees as I also need to shift a few extra lbs's well about 24 of the little beggers really :o

I have found a great site called myfitnesspal that you can use for free to log your food/calories and weight loss. Great motivation and lots of support just like on here.


Well done to you Jo and Sian, Im sitting reading this with a V & Diet and a box of Pringles : ) I have to eat everything I like that is left in the house before I start any dieting.

I went on the Wii the other day and was welcomed back after 157 days!! After weighing in my Mii grew a belly and love handles : ( I have put on 1st 5lb since I was last on.

I do wish you both well in your quest, I will have to go gently, 1/2 hour on the wii left me unable to breathe properly for the next hour, though I did really push myself.

You are a real insperation to us all.


Its Working, im starting to see the benefits

Morning everyone,

I just thought i would pop in and say that since i started my healthy eating plan on Tuesday and then the gym the same day i have lost................................................................

3lbs Already :)

I am well chuffed with that been to the gym x 3 already this week and used the wii x 2, bring on the next week i say. :)

Also I am just looking at getting a nice ladies bike so that i can get out and about with the boys when the weather is nice and go for a cycle with them. I am into this now because for once i work up a sweat but im never outta breath!

Im lovin it


Hi Jo

well done you :D making me feel really guilty now as i def need to start exercising more but im still not feeling 100% :( hopefully next week i wilbe

hope you have a brill weekend :D




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