No Smoking Day
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Day 4 going strong

well i have made it to day 4

and im feeling alittle better

the feeling of being anxious feels like its finaly going, no more tighting in my chest

i dont know if i would be feeling like this if i was not on champix

i dont seem to get any side affects accept feeling sick after taking ( i know eat 1st ) lol

my dreams i can never remember but i wake up feeling i have had some strange dreams, probably for the best i dont remember them

but now im coughing

and its very flemmy and not pleasent

looking forwards to day 5 next

ps thanks for the support ppl

it helps out loads

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Well done Picasso :D

The cough is quite normal. It is starting to clear all the gunk from your lungs which is brilliant. I usually cough hardly at all when I stop unlike the constant coughing when I smoke. Everyone is different. Just more proof that your body is healing itself ;)

Gaynor x


Well done you, keep up the good work! It will all be worth it!


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