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No Smoking Day
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Entering day 3

I had a slightly better night last night. Back to work today. The alarm call was a real shock. I got my youngest son ready for school and then got a text as we were about to leave saying school starts tomorrow. He was delighted he could stay home with his brothers.

Work has kept me occupied. On my lunch break now. It is nice to stay inside in the warm rather than huddling outside smoking. I am much quieter than usual but this will pass. My colleagues are proabably enjoying the rest!

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Hi Elaine,

Glad to hear you are doing ok today & had a better night last night as well :D

Just another one of the benefits of escaping smoking. No more freezing outside & it always makes it smell even worse on others if it cold outside as well. Hold your nose when they come back in lol.

I am sure you will more than make up for your quietness as the days go by :p

Gaynor xx


Good for you EllieC, that's three of you round about the same time quit, stick together gee each other up kick each others arses but stay quit. You can be triplets eh. David


Triplets, lol :D

G x


January triplets, lol!


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