No Smoking Day
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Day 4 - *Pulls Hair*

Day 4

Day 1,2,3 .. soooooo easy, suprisingly!

The sleepless nights have been a pain in the backside, but luckily I can cope with not alot of sleep anyway, so it wasnt as bad as it seemed.

Day 4 however not so good ... it's almost like its not meant to be, with the patch not sticking to my arm correctly, this punding headache and the mood I'm in, its not good atall .. it would be so easy just to go round the corner to the shop and grab a pack of fags, but then to throw it away I'd be even angrier.

Doesnt elp with my partner still smoking, and me being able to smell it, tea and coffee somehow already taste disgusting, so another pleasure lost...

*pulls his har out* ....

Hopefully day 5 will be easier?!:confused:

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Yikes, sounds like you are not having a good day so far. Take yourself off to a quiet place if you can. Take long, slow deep breathes, try & re-focus your mind. You have done so well getting through the first 3 days. If your patch won't stick shove some surgical tape on it to hold it on. I always had to tape mine on as they wouldn't stick!! Drink lots of water & maybe some fruit juice as you might be experiencing drops in sugar levels which would make you feel headachy & lethargic.

MY OH still smokes as well & you're right it smells AWFUL. Another reason not to give in & smell like that again yourself ;)

Your taste buds will adjust soon I am sure. Missing out on a few cuppas is much better than the alternative.

Keep it up, you are doing great :D

Gaynor x


Keep the chin up.

Sometimes when you are working so hard to accomplish things and small things go wrong and it seems like the end of the world. It is not at all, when things like that happen, try and take some deep breaths and think "will somthing as small as this really make me smoke again"

What I find works for me is to imagine what you have went through in the past few days and if it is really worth going through that again.

Thankfully noone else near me smokes so I dont have to smell it, however I do think that if you can get this far even smelling smoke then you are doing fabulous, well done!


Thanks Gaynor, I'm determined to do it, but it is a major pain.

I remember how I started at school, and didnt like it atall, and should have just quit then! Never should have been bothered by the fact all my friends were doing it.... hindsight eh? lol

Im sure I can get through today... I will engross myself in movies, I got enough new ones at christmas!

Hands are starting to get a bit shaky, thats doing my head in too ... but I do physically feel better, Im just dreading the "cough up".

Going to go onto herbal tea, tried tea after coffee, and it smells like baby sick, which put me off a bit lol.

Going to go and have a read through whats to come now lol :D


Think of it as a minor pain to reach your goal of never smoking again. A Major pain would be continuing to smoke & maybe getting a smoking related disease :eek: You will not die from quitting but you may die from smoking.

Herbal teas, water, fruit juice are all good alternatives & will help cleanse your body. Easy on the fruit juice though because of the high sugar content.

I also say to myself I AM NOT QUITTING I AM ESCAPING. Doesn't make you feel like you are depriving yourself of something then!

Keep yourself busy, there is a link to the whyquit site in my signature which I like. Loads of reading there ;)

Gaynor x


Well the end of day 4 is upon me, and that means just one thing ... the start of day 5!!

Mood is settled, but still getting headaches.

Ive had to resort to hot water with slices of lemon and a dash of blackcurrant juice to drink.

I can no longer stand the smell/taste of coffee and tea or lager, and egg mayo is affected but not too badly (thank god!) When I think about it, coffee, tea and lager I would never really have tasted until after I started smoking lol ... given that I was 14 ... but no loss, caffeine comes from coca cola .. which thank god, still tastes OK ( far lol)

Good Luck to everyone on DAY 5 (or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or10 or 165 whatever ... :) )Well done and keep it up !:D


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