No Smoking Day
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keep on trucking into 2011

Hi everyone new and old .

hope everyone had a great crimbo and a good new year .

today is the day i hate . the first big day back in work booo how depressing.

just writing to see how everyone feels and is doing .

The all inportant stats are

stoped smoking 10-oct-2010 @ 11.30pm

time since last cig 12 weeks 1 day 12 hours

not smoked 1710 smokes

money saved £495

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I'm doing great thanks Gary :).

Hope work's not too taxing or too much of a culture shock for you after the Christmas and New Year break.

Keep off the smoke and stay strong!! You're only two days ahead of me with your quit so I'm snapping at your heels :D.



Afternoon Gary

Im doing OK too. Just started my 11th week now and also im taking control of more than just my quit this year im taking control of my fitness and im joining our gym and watching the calories so i can feel better about myself too.

Still going along nicely though, dont think about them now really which is good cos then i dont get the craves. Not being too complacent though cos i know Nasty Nic could pop up anytime and try it on.

Keep going everyone, together "We can do this"



well played nutty nurse on the gym .

i to with the savings i am making have joined the gym. been going since the start of november. really love it some days are hard to get motivated but can start to see the resutls now . can actually see my belly button now instead of it hiding away in the land of flab haha



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