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My Reasons

This is not the first time I have quit, but this time I have planned it and prepared for it so I hope it will be more sucessful than the other tries when no forethought or planning was given.

my reasons:

I have two teenage kids, they hate it, especially my daughter. I want to show them that I am not a selfish idiot.

My mum was treated for cancer 2 years ago and I watched her struggle for life... it makes sense to me to take every step I can to avoid putting myself through that suffering too.

the other potential health problems that smoking can cause too, my Dad died aged 45 from a heart attack, my mum has high blood pressure and my aunt has has a premature stroke too... these illnesses are in the genes, but they were all were smokers too... if there is vascular disease in my family why encourage it.

Thanks to David Cameron the VAT rise is making smoking more and more prohibative, and as its going up to 20% tomorrow I am not prepared to pay any more into my distructive habit... I guess I should really thank the govenment for their greed for once.

and finally- I want my house to smell nice... its a lovely new house and the smoke makes the air quality poor, so doesn't do the house justice... and I want to be able to smell my own perfume, and washing powder ect. I also don't want people first impression of me is that I smell of fags.

all compelling reasons not to EVER touch a fag again.

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All great reasons Vicki :D

Read them everyday to re-inforce your quit for as long as it takes.

All hail the January quitters LOL.

Gaynor xx


You will do this

Hi Vicki,

Possitive attitude is what you have got, and like everyone else on this site you will have a few hills to climb as you go through this quit , but you have the right reasons and the right attitude and I am sure you will do this, keep reading and writting on this site especially when you feel down. We are all here to help you,so all the best in your quit attempt.

P.S This time next year you will be joining us is the Penthouse so let me know your tipple and I will order it for you.



Life is Short, Forgive Sooner, Love Longer and always keep Smiling.

Hi Vicki, what can I say other than that you are doing something that unlike smoking you will never regret?

Being able to smell wash powder on the clothes, mmmm that hadn’t occurred to me and the perfume also but having put some on this morning, hey I can still smell it now and I have washed my hands loads and can also smell the soap slightly, cigs mask everything and we don’t even smell the stink when we did smoke.

Wait till you get the first real waft of a smoker it knocks you back and I was stunned to realise that sometimes I smelt like that, no amount of showering can get rid, cause as soon as you light up you are smelly again.

Sorry didn’t mean to ramble, I hope you will give yourself a chance to get to the Penthouse next January and feel all the benefits, not easy but so worth it.


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