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Day 6 - VERY proud!!

I am still poorly with pleurisy and I know that although I feel really rough the illness has actually helped me. No NRT nothing just will power has brought me this far. I still miss the little white stick being around but interestingly I now find that my old friend STUNK so bad...

It's still early days but I do feel somewhat enpowered by my OWN mind and the support I have got from people on here... I am starting realise that my life does not have to revolve around a cigarette, it actually revolves around ME and my choices...


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Great job! I am on day 5 and having trouble with the munchies and sleeping, but overall feeling awesome. :p Take care.



Well done nicki nearly a week complete yay!:D

Remember you have lost nothing and you will be gaining so much more:D

Dont it feel great to no longer have to look in your cigarette packet and count them just to make sure you have got enough to last you through the day:D


Giggle !!!

Ace Wisdom.... your comment made me :D ...that "old friend" did indeed make me check how many I had left in the box and I have braved snow blizzards and if the truth be known over been over the limit and got a TAXI to go out for cigs.... If I had no cigs at 8pm that was it.... I HAD to get them...

:D Giggle - what a silly girl I was.....


Your Tommy will be proud

Hi Nikki,

I hope you recover from your illness soon, but well done on your quit and you now have many friends on this site to talk you through the quit, so read and post on the site regularly



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