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Yay - day 2 :-)


Hi well I'm still going strong - except the occasional tears!

My hubby is so pleased I've never lasted a day and a half since we have been together. He is a ex smoker for years now, and has been so patient with me. I felt my babys first kick today and I'm so pleased that Im not smoking.

How soon have people reduced the patches? I know they are better then ciggs for the baby but I don't want to be on them for the full amount of time I'm currently on the 25mg patches and hoping to cut down to the 21mg patches next week. I'm also having 2 Inhalatour cartridges each day.

Any advice greatly recieved thanks x

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well done you... there is no better reason to quit than a pregnancy... can't advise you on the NRT because all of my quits have been CT... I did use the inhalator yesterday, but didn't like it very much so am now free-styling :D

good luck with it all.


hi, im also still going strong, my 2nd day without a fag,

im useing champix, and it seems to be doing the job

still getting a tightening in my chest and feeling very anxious

but not as bad as yesterday

i went shopping for some new jeans today so i would not have to sit in all day with the kiddies, lol

back at work tuesday , hoping being at work will take my mind off smoking

well good luck bpool

hopefully will see you on the day 3 thread tomorrow :D

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