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No Smoking Day
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Didnt think id get this far.....week 4 :D

Hiya everyone just a quick update before i reply to some messages,

Well im on day 2, of my 4th week, didnt think id get this far, Really pleased with myself. Went doctors yesterday...Asthma Checkup.... + flu vac.. now tied down with the flu. :(

Also seen the smoking nurse for the 1st time she was so pleased with me, Im still on the patches as not realy ready to come off them yet, As the smoking nurse said... Got another months worth... Saved money already. and lots of it :D, also missed out on 330 cigarettes. But its totally worth it :D

Hope everyones okay

Jennie-Louise xx :cool:

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Many congratulations JL, sounding really positive even when in the grips of the evil flu bug.

Hope you're feeling better soon.



Congrats :)

Funny cause there were times during last couple of weeks I found myself wishing I had a bout of the flu to get through a few days of not thinking bout the cigs

I know it was stupid thinking - I'm sure you would gladly get rid :-/

Hope your feeling better soon and save me a spot in the month 1 room - I'll be there shortly :)


Thank you Lorraine sweet, i wudnt like to be still smoking with the throat ive got atm lol


thank you Dean :D

theres a spot open for you :D


Well done hunnie

You sound like your doing very well. keep up the good work.xxxxx


thank you linda hunni, :D

Im all better now no flu and ive reached day 33 :D


:D:D wow well done you :)

glad the to hear the flu has gone so have you been treating yourself with all the spare cash you now have :)


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