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Day 8 my first post all going well

Wow what a great site for support. I have read a few of the posts on here and am excited to be on the road with you all to a nicotine free future. Gave up for nearly three years from Feb 2005 till about Xmas 2007. Cold turkey as I am now. But this time I have read Allen Carrs book easy way to stop smoking and it has given me a whole new hope that I can finally kill the demon that haunted my every waking moment. I have now had 8 beautiful days of fresh air , fresh breath, feeling happier every day and I am never going to smoke again.

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Welcome glen great to see ya and congrads on a whole week smoke free!

Im also on day 8 and is cold turkey:D

The allen carr easyway is an amazing read would recommend reading onlyway also by allen carr:)

There is a november quitters group here that you can join if you wish.

To Join first click user cp

Then click social groups

Then click November Alliance Squad

Then Click join group



Hi Glen

What a positive post. Glad you're doing ok. Well done on your 1st week. :)



Hi Glen - yes it surely is a brilliant site - I stumbled across it by accident just when I needed it most - everyone here has helped me sooooooo much to get to day 12 - glad you have decided to quit again with good old Alan .. I am still using the patches - we each have to find our own way to concur the demon ... anywhich way it takes .... just so long as we destroy the little bleeeep! Anyway good look and keep reading and posting ... Stay strong Shelly xx


Welcome Glen - I found this site just when I needed it and after reading Allen Carr too, good omen I say!

Well done on your quit, there is tons of stuff on here and if you follow the links on peoples' signatures you will find some really inspiring stuff too. Good luck, stay strong and smokefree.


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