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No Smoking Day
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55 days

Dear All.

Just to let everyone know I am still not smoking and as it goes it is geting better.There is no longer the big craves,just the wanting a fag.One thing I have noticed is that my athsma is worst I know someone posted about it,strange one would have thought it would have been much better.

The big freeze is still with us in west sussex but looking very festive.Good luck to all.


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Well done on your 55 days Terri. That's great!! :)

Sorry to hear about your asthma though. I've never suffered from it myself, but I had read somewhere (can't recall where now) that smoking causes the airways to dilate as the body attempts to get more oxygen, so presumably stopping smoking might cause them to constrict. It might be worth seeing your GP.

Good luck Terri. I'm very proud of you!!

Ed xx


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