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One day at a time

Iv managed through at Saturday night and I am at the end of day 4.Been a bit up and down.Feel proud of myself but I am still breaking the habit.How weird is it going to bed without having a fag first!I am finding that really weird.For the last 20 years thats been part of my bedtime routine.I have been having a sip of water instead.Today has been the toughest.I can hear myself nipping at the people I love.I couldnt get the cutlery drawer open and I was getting so stroppy and the air was blue!!This sort of thing wouldnt have rattled my before.I also banged my head on the car boot today and got extremely ratty!When will there irrational grumps pass???:o

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Well done on when Ypu wake up will be day 5.

Don't worry, it's not just you. My hubby and I nearly ended up in the divorce courts cos he used the fish slice to stir the cabbage instead of the wooden spoon! We're ok now, but I had to explain that I was finding it harder than him to give up smoking. Kid have felt the sharp end of my tongue too, but I know they'd rather have that than me slowly killing both me and them. :o

Sorry to say that I'll be 3 weeks quit sun night, and I still feel majorly hacked off, but it's not all the time, and it's probably just keep on with it.......I really fancied a ciggie earlier (3 weeks in) but I knew it wouldn't solved here I am posting on here instead to relieve my craving. It gets better hun, don't you worry. And we're all here for you xx

Mind you, I'm pretty grumpy all the time :D


Well done on your 5 days tinamac. Make sure that you give yourself a pat on the back at the end of every day because you deserve it, and it does get easier I promise. I had a big crave yesterday and as I beat it down I realised that I hadn;t had one for a week - a whole week free of craves is a wonderful feeling and you will get there. Just beat them one at a time. When I first quit I really suffered going to bed without my fix, especially because I didn't sleep well and so was awake wanting a fag for hours. Really struggling not to get out of my lovely warm bed, go out into the freezing cold night and have a fix. That has stopped completely now, no problem at all, great.

Just keep remembering why you have quit and also think of all the benefits you will gain. No gasping for breath mainly! Read loads of threads on here they are inspirational, funny, sad, whatever you need there will be something for you.

You can do this, stay strong and smokefree beating one crave at a time xx


hi Tina and well done on being on day 5 :D as the others have said it will get easier with the more time that passes and i found that its not just the ciggys i missed in the first few days its the habits of smoking a fag for whatever reason some were smoked just because i was with someone that was smoking or when i was upset or stressed its just finding a way to occupy your mind and get out of that mindset you will do that changing your old routine will help

and if the craving really persists because some will as they are little devils just focus on the reasons you stopped and come and read some of the threads on here or post a message there is always someone around who will help you through it :)

this site and the people on here have helped me so much

regards carol


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