Since I hear lot of people, especially us ladies, are worried about putting on weight when quitting, I would like to say that this is not the case for everyone.

I've been quit 8 weeks now and lost 1kg so far. Ok, not a huge weight loss there but not a gain either. I'm not on diet and I don't exercise like crazy either, but kept on going like before. I think the reason for the loss has been less wine & more energy. I use to love 1-2 glasses of red wine with dinner, but since it gave me such bad cravings, I've drank less during the week and chosen white instead of red more often (less calories & association with cigs). I have also had more energy to do stuff at the house & garden, so using more calories because not sitting by the TV as much.

So for those still considering... you can make a huge change in your life by quitting smoking and with couple tinytiny changes keep your weight as is or even loose some :)

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  • well said Savuton, really good to know.

    I've gained 2 kilos and the only reason it bothers me is because I actually have less energy because all I eat is chocolate and sweets (which I wouldn't normally eat before). I know if I go back to how I ate before then I won't gain anymore weight. Gonna stock up on fruit this weekend :)

    I know there's all this about nicotine 'burning calories' or whatever, but really it makes a negligable difference.

  • Yup. Have noticed the issue with choc and got to watch it too now.

    Just realised that at least with choc you CAN have just a little bit :p

  • You CAN? I think I still need to get to that 'nirvana' moment when I realise that...

  • ...well with cigs you have no hope in having just a little, so chock is an ok replacement :)

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