No Smoking Day
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Start of Day 4

Here it is at last another day down and another started, yippeeee its DAY 4.

I woke at 6am this morning and normally i would have come down for a ciggy and stayed up but this morning i went back to bed. I have not long got up as its monthly bills day today so have to make sure all the bills for the month are paid so i get up and do that first.

I am glad that the days are mounting up now but i am just taking it day by day and i am under no illusions about this because to be unrealistic would be a big mistake, nah this time im taking it slowly and even though right now i am getting that nagging feeling its not going to beat me and i am NOT giving in.

Right, i will be back later, probably when i need a distraction or 2, but the scarves are coming on nicely and i will soon have the OH's one finished.



JO x

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Congrats on getting this far, and keep up the knitting! I am trying to figure out something to do to keep myself busy, but have two job interviews next week, so maybe that will take care of it (how are interviews like buses - none for weeks then all at once!).

Keep up the great work!


Another day nearly over

Well here we are another day nearly over and i am still feeling very positive, infact im even more determined to make it work this time mainly because my OH this afternoon said i wont be able to do it and i will end up back on them. Arghhhhhh, that annoyed me as it felt like he had no confidence in me at all, but im going to show him that I CAN DO THIS and that i wont be going back, i mean whats the point in getting this far then having to go through it all again. None in my eyes and i dont want to smell, i dont want stained teeth, i dont want to be an outcast in my own home or within my own life, so NO im not going back onto them.

I finished OH's scarf, just starting to crochet something, dont know what it will end up being yet but i have started it :confused:

Oh & Eldest gone up town to get them all a takeaway, i cant be bothered to cook again so i said nip up and get something from up town. They should be back soon. Im not having a takeaway, i ate a large meal at lunchtime and i dont feel that hungry to be honest so its just this lot that will be tucking in.

Anyhow, heres to Day 5 tomorrow, i have had some thoughts today, very occasional ones and so far nothing that i would say has made a real strong impression, enough to make me want one but im on the case should that occur, i have to be strong enough to overcome those urges and say NO, again i know it wont be easy but i have to be strong.

Anyhow, good luck everyone and i will be back on tomorrow




I have spent all day having bad cravings. I won't give in to them though as I know i'll go to bed and when I get up tomorrow it will be better again, I had them after a week and then now after two weeks so I think i'll just have to watch out for thursdays now lol.

I've ordered myself some wool today and my friend is going to lend me some knitting needles tomorrow night and I am going to try and make myself a scarf.

I'm tempted by a takeaway now. DH is out tonight so I mght order myself a pizza later. Hmmm, should I or shouldn't I??

It's really good to hear you still sounding so positive. You kinda sound like me (in how I feel about it) and I know that I will not smoke again this time, so the outlook is good for the both of us. :D

S xx

S xx


Hi Hun

Make sure you get that treat tonight and why not i say to myself you deserve it. :)

Glad to see that my knitting malarchy is rubbing off on others, it is def a good thing to get into. Im just looking for a decent storage bag for all my bits as in a week i have accumulated lots but i need all of these things because when i tried last time i sat about and of course when your not doing much, what is it we do, yes think about it and my OH is back at work tomorrow after having a week off and the kids are all back at school and college on Monday so i need to keep myself really busy.

I am well chuffed for you, your doing so well, infact i think we all are. If we can pinpoint where we failed last time and try and make sure that we dont make the same mistakes again, making sure we have indentified where we went wrong and change our thinking.

I know that in my heart that this time its for keeps. I know that by having the support of all the people on here is helping me heaps too. Knowing that i am not alone in doing this, that others too have those horrid thoughts and have to beat the cravings that try as they might to make us give in we can all say NO.

I also notice other smoker's and OMG :eek: they smell and to think if i can smell others like that, what the hell did i smell like! I still have a bit of stuff stuck in my chest, it comes and goes but never seems to shift completely. Maybe that will go eventually, but i must remember im only on Day 4 and it is still early days for me.

Right then im going as i need a cuppa and i have to organise this bag to keep all my knitting stuff in, but take care, keep up the good work, together this time WE CAN DO IT.



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