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Allen Carr Question

Hi there,

Sorry for asking so many questions, but this forum is full of people with so much knowledge and I don't know who else to ask!

I quit, cold turkey, one month ago today, but I'm still finding it really hard. I understand that I need to tackle the way I think about cigarettes now, it's got nothing to do with the physical cravings.

So many people say such good things about the Allen Carr book that I want to read it. This may sound like a stupid question but is it too late? Basically, I had a friend who gave up this way and she mentioned that the book encourages you to continue smoking until the end. Obviously I don't to start smoking again, but I think reading the book would help!

Any advice gratefully received.

C x

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Yes, have a read of the book it does help, if your friend has quit then hopefully you can borrow her copy!

For me the plus points were that it is useful information easily presented, although I did find it rather repetitive.

There's also a good free E book here and the quit programs in my sig also are good. Although many of these things suggest that you don't quit until you've finished them I think that they all say if you already have then for goodness sake to start again just to work through them.

You are correct though, knowledge is power, and changing your mindset is the key.

All the best



Hi there!

To answer your question about the smoking. The book doesn't really encourage you to continue smoking, but rather suggests that if you're not ready to quit then you should continue smoking while you're reading the book and by the end then you can decide what to do. But, he also does encourage people to remain off the cigarettes if you're already off and to continue reading. (I don't know the exact words since I don't have my book in front of me).

But, yes, knowledge is power and the more you read, the better you'll feel!

Keep up the good work. I'm just starting my fifth month tomorrow and although I still think about it from time to time, I'm just not interested in smoking at all. I've read somewhere that people who don't smoke... simply...don't smoke! Repeating that over to myself works when my mind wonders down the road of temptation!



Hi C,

I actually bought the book 1 month after quitting and it helped loads. Mainly because after a few weeks the ' ew, smoking is disgusting and I'm so sick of it' part of my brain died down a bit. Allen Carr gets you to that place again, the one you were in just before quitting where you don't care if you're scared or if it'll hurt to stop but you want to do it anyway because you don't want to smoke any more.

Hope this helped, and well done on 1 month :)


I'd recommend getting the CD's (they cost less than the price of 2 packs of fags on I still listen to them every day on my way to and from work and I quit nearly 3 months ago; it really does help to keep me quit.

I am also reading the follow-up (I presume we are talking about the "Easy Way To Stop Smoking") called "The Only Way to Stop Smoking Permanently" which is a companion book; much longer but is a much more in-depth read.


Thanks everyone - I have ordered it and am waiting for it to be delivered and will keep you posted on how I get on with it. Thanks again for the advice, hugely appreciated.


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