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Stupid Smoking Dream

Wasn't even a nice dream. Like walking down a beautiful sun soaked beach with a Tia Maria in one hand and ciggy in the other. No. I dreamt I have a massive, huge row with my husband. I ended up going out to have a smoke to just get away for a minute and was then really cross with myself for doing it.

Really annoying as it made me wake up wanting a ciggy with I have never done as never woke up and smoked straight away.

I suppose it has highlighted a danger zone as if I was to have an argument with my husband I would normally disappear outside for a smoke to give us both 5 mins to calm down. One to watch out for I guess.

S xx

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There's lots of times we smoked just to give us something to do for a few minutes.... Trick is to find something else to do.

I used to throw a tennis ball against a wall and catch it, or just go for a walk....

Whatever you decide to fill those minutes with doesn't matter, as long as it isn't smoke.


Hi S, I have only had 2 smoking dreams since I quit, first I had rolled the cig and then lit it but I dropped it so I woke up petrified I had dropped it in the bed so before I realised what I was doing I had stripped the bed and was searching for the ciggie OH thought I had completely lost the plot, the next time I was rolling loads of them but not for me but for my OH and he was smoking them, he has never smoked in his life so shows you how mad the dreams are.

If you and OH have a tiff still go outside for your 5 mins of chill time, just take deep breaths instead of all the carcinogenic smoke you would normally do, take care and stay strong and smoke free.


I do need to find something to fill that 5 mins. It's made me think I need a hobby. So today I have ordered a paint by number kit of Van Gogh 'Sunflowers' to do. I used them the time before last when I quit to keep my hands busy at the begining and ended up really enjoying doing it.

I also really love the picture Sunflowers as it's just so happy, like the non smoking me.

I was just annoyed at the dream this morning as even when I smoked I never woke up gasping for a smoke and I did this morning and I was so cross with myself for giving in, even though it was only a dream, it was like even my sub conscience doesn't think I can do it. BUT, then I thought about it and realised that the 'Nicodemon' lives in my sub conscience. Thats where he has always lived, telling me that I need to smoke, go on, go have one it'll be all better then and oh your stressed, go have a smoke that'll fix it.

Well, I've got news for you Nicodemon, i'm smarter than you think I am. I KNOW that smoking won't change anything or make anything better. It'll just mean that I smoked. The problems will still be there and i'll have to find a way to fix them anyway, which I can do without you!!!

Ok, all better now got that off my chest lol.

Sian xx


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