No Smoking Day
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DAY 7 monday morning\

Hey guys, the weekend has come and gone and still these lungs hav'nt inhaled any horrible smoke!! YAY!!

Friday night was pretty easy , not many cravings at all and could feel my sense of smell getting much better too.

Saturday was the day I was dreading, after alot of consideration I decided to have a night in with the misses and my baby instead of going to a party with my mates. I knew the temptation would have been hard to resist after a couple of drinks so I thought a night in was the best option as it's was only 5 days since I quit. I had a brilliant night anyway, had a couple of bottles and a takeaway at home plus had the pleasure of my daughters company so all good. :)

Plus we had 4 numbers on the lotto on sat night too! 64 quid! YAY!!!

(but just another 2 numbers and I fear I would have lit up the biggest Cigar I could buy! lol)

It's funny that when i'm around my daughter and my girlfriend smoking never even enters my mind! But once i'm at work or out with the boys the cravings seem to start back up! ? Strange.

Sunday came and went with no hitches at all and this morning I feel amazing for going a week without smoking! The cravings seem to be geetting shorter and further apart and I slept like a baby all weekend too!!

KAREN - How was your weekend hun?

Hope your doing well too!

P.S thanks for your support last week (and that goes to everyone who has replied to my threads too!!) :):)

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Good morning Del :)

I'm ok thanks, Glad you've had a good weekend hun and didn't give in to temptation!

Congrats on your lotto win, i had 4 numbers on the lottery week before last and won £103! couldn't believe it was such a decent amount!

I struggled a bit on saturday, my laptop has gone funny, the keyboard isn't working (I'm using the onscreen keyboard now which takes forever) so iwas pretty pissed off and craved a ciggie. i didn't give in though. but it was tough.

We'll be moving into the 2 week forum today/tomorrow as it'll be the start of our second week, can ya believe that?!


Hey Del and Karen :).

Nearly at the end of week one!! Yay you two!!! :cool:.

Keep hanging in there. It *does* get easier. Trust me!!

Quitting is the best thing you'll ever do in your life. Just remember that SMOKING IS NOT AN OPTION. NOPE!! Not One Puff Ever!! One puff and you're right back to day one.

Stay strong and the very best of luck to you both.



karen well done hun keep up the good work, It's funny how a little thing like your computer not working properly can set off a crave for a ciggy ain't it! It's like if I have a cig my computer would work! ha ha!

I had the same thing happen to me on sunday, I had a piece of chewing gum stuck to my trainer it took me ages to get it off , I think that was the most I craved for a ciggy! Ha ha reading it and thinking back OMG how stupid does it sound? but you know how it feels right karen?

I know thats the most i've ever won on the lotto I was chuffed and gutted at the same time, just 2 more numbers hey????

I really feel the worst of our cravings are over karen i'll see you in week 2 forum 2moro!!!!!!!!!! Yipppeeee!!!! :D:D:D


Well done people!!

I made it also to this day, sharing the same quit date as you two!

Feel quite proud of myself, I have even managed to squash some other bad habits at the same time - I no longer take sugar or milk with my tea, I find it tastes much nicer black and without sugar! I'm drinking a bit more of it, but I don't see this as a problem as its a good replacement for that foul, dirty, skanky evil stuff I used to poison myself with.

Almost cut patch to 50% now.. I must be on about 12mg 24 hour patch now. The vivid dreams (I dont like to call them nightmares! I enjoy them lol) are lessening in effect, and while I am getting urges, I can deflect them easily.

When I get the urge, I think about how pathetic it would be to give in, and then scream in my mind back at the urge "COME ON! IS THAT ALL YOU'VE GOT???". I then feel silly for a bit, and move on with my day! :D

Its nice to see the last 16 years of gunk exiting through coughing now also. I take a good hard look at it and it makes me feel sick I would do this to myself. And yes Karen, having a kid is the perfect thing to balance this against..


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