No Smoking Day
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nearly on day 9 woohoo

well hi everyone, in now into my sencond week. cant believe i actually made it the far.

i had a strange dream last might that my partner gave me a roll up, and i sat there looking at it for ages trying to decide whether to smoke it or not lol. i dodnt know if i did smoke it as i woke up lol. ive been having a few strange dreams, i think its the champix.

Just about to watch paranormal 2 ( but my partners got to have a ciggie first) ive heard its quite crap but ill give it a go anyway, i wasnt even scared of the first one, and normally im scared of me own shadow :D

Well enough about me, good luck to everyone quitting right now. and i hope to see you all in week 2 soon xx:)

Rachel X

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